Transportation from Prague to Trest and back

A special bus from Prague to Trest leaves from Sokolovska 83 (building of the Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, situated near underground station Krizikova (line B), at 4 p.m. on Monday, June 9, 2014. The bus from Trest will arrive in Prague on Sunday, June 15 at about 3 p.m.

To get from the airport to Sokolovska 83, take bus no. 100 from the airport to Zlicin, which is the terminal of the underground line B. Taking this line, you can get directly to the Krizikova station. Alternatively, you can take bus No. 119 to the terminal of the underground line A Dejvicka, then take line A to Mustek and switch to line B. From the railway station, take line C to Florenc and line B to Krizikova. From Krizikova station it is about 100 metres to the faculty building. Follow the map bellow.


The underground station is green "=M=" at Thamova street, the faculty building is red "1" at Sokolovska street.

The following is a map of the underground in Prague. The airport is situated in the left upper corner, the railway station (Hlavni nadrazi, line C) is near the center of the picture and the faculty building (Krizikova, line B) is the first to the right from Florenc (crossing of lines B and C)


A detailed map of the underground and trams is given here