Last information

Dear Participant,

This is the last batch of possibly useful information about the organization of the Spring School NAFSA 7.

The Registration Office will be available on Tuesday July 16 from 14:00 (2:00 pm) to 20:00 (8:00 pm) at the student's residence ("kolej") JIH; (see the map of the campus).

The timetable of lectures will be included in your conference materials. If you wish to see it now, click here.

In case of emergency or confusion please use one of the mobile phone numbers operated by members of Organizing Committee:

(+420) 605 54 10 83 (Lubos Pick)       or       (+420) 732 65 48 69 (Petr Gurka)

When calling from Prague (or from elsewhere in the Czech Republic), dial 0 (zero) instead of 420.

Further useful information for a foreigner in Prague can be found here. We wish you a pleasant journey to the Czech Republic and successful and enjoyable stay in Prague. Looking forward to meeting you soon,

Yours Organizers

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