Conference fee and payment

The conference fee will be EUR 280. The following reduced rates are offerred:

The fee for accompanying persons will be EUR 50. Payment of the fee should be made either in cash at the registration desk in Prague or it may be remitted by a bank transfer to

Ceska narodni banka, Na prikope 28, Praha 1, Czech Republic,
Account No. 17836-031/0710, Details of payment: VS 5221abc,

where "abc" is the three digit registration number which will be associated to you when you register your name on the [preliminary registration form]. This number will appear on your screen right after your preliminary registration form has been posted. It will be also made visible at the [preliminary list of participants]. A copy of the transfer slip should be presented at the registration desk. Please make sure that the commission fee is added so that the required amount reaches the account of the spring school. Unfortunately, neither cheques nor credit cards can be used and will not be accepted.

The conference fee covers:

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