Excursion to the castle Kost and Prachov Rocks, Sunday, June 4, 2006

the castle Kost             the Prachov Rocks             the castle Hrubá Skála

Time Schedule

11.30-12:20 lunch
12.30 departure from the conference venue *)
14.00 (approx.) arrival to the castle Kost
14.00 - 15.00 (approx.) tour round the castle Kost
15:30 (approx.) departure from the castle Kost to Prachov Rocks
16.00 (approx.) arrival to Prachov Rocks
16.00-18:00 walks in Prachov Rocks
18.00 departure from Prachov Rocks
19.00 dinner at the castle Hrubá Skála
21.30 (approx.) departure to Prague
22.30 (approx.) arrival to the conference venue

*) Because of the tight schedule, the bus will not be waiting. Please make sure to be on time.

The castle Kost is one of the most impressive castles in the so-called Czech Paradise in North-East Bohemia:

Further information can be found for example here.

The Prachov Rocks is a beautiful sandstone area ideal for leisure walks. Some information is available for example here, see also here.

The castle Hrubá Skála is a beautiful castle surrounded by sandstone towers. Some information is available for example here.

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